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Acting Classes Rocky Parker is a personal acting coach and teacher who offers acting classes in Los Angeles. Her classes are held in the style of the European salons. Small groups of actors are allowed to exchange ideas and each actor is guaranteed to work in every class.

So much more than mere scene study, Rocky痴 acting salons concentrate on bringing your inner life to your characters. Rocky uses dream analysis to access your inner life and establish a dialogue with your inner self that you can bring to developing characters.

This work is augmented with tried and true exercises developed by Uta Hagen, Sandy Meisner, Susan Batson and Sandra Seacat. Rocky also shares her own hands-on tools honed from years of experience as an acting coach to working actors who regularly book high-profile jobs.

Acting Class Los Angeles Acting Coach Hollywood : Rocky Parker
Personal Coaching

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All of this is followed up with scene work that helps you, the actor, incorporate these techniques into your work.

Rocky痴 salons provide loving support and allow only constructive criticism which encourages the actor痴 instincts, ability, and self-confidence to grow.

Without a sense of fellowship and a support network, acting can be a lonely pursuit. Rocky痴 approach of working and sharing in small salons coupled with personal coaching in problem areas or as preparation for auditions and performances gives you, the actor, the sense that you are never alone.

Contact Rocky now and become part of this growing community of loving, supportive artists.